• To modify your existing workspace settings on Thinfinity® Remote Workspace Online, head over to the Pencil Icon as seen on the image below:

  • Once you access the settings panel, you will be presented with the Additional section:

Private Profiles

Activate this option to allow non-admin users to create new connections inside the Thinfinity® Remote Workspace Online portal. This setting will allow users to create Remote Connections; publish applications on demand.

Microsoft Remote Desktop Protocol

Activate or Deactivate the option to include Microsoft Remote Desktop Protocol support for the active Workspace.

VNC/RFB Shared Desktops

Activate or deactivate the option to use VNC/RFB protocols for connecting to Linux or MacOS machines available within your network.

Telnet and SSH Terminals

Activate or deactivate the option for Telnet and SSH terminals for connecting to Mainframe systems available within your network.


Activate the Web VPN built in Thinfinity® Remote Workspace Online to publish Intranet Web Applications, accessible only within your Network. Thinfinity® Remote Workspace Online can publish any Web Application written in Java, Python, PHP and others.

WebDav Shared Folders

Activate WebDav file manager without RDP connection.

Private Gateway (Coming Soon)

This options allows you to activate or deactivate the use for Private Gateway for your workspace. If activated, you will be able to customize the URL string to your liking. NetworkID setting is also required to apply this configuration.

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