At Cybele Software we pay special attention to security. All of our products and services are intended to provide the utmost security standards to guarantee secure connections and total privacy for enterprises and individuals. Thinfinity® Remote Workspace Online is no exception. It provides a robust and strong solution while retaining all features and functionalities. We managed to do this by implementing security standards that will minimize risks as well as data exposure.

Authentication Integrate Thinfinity® Remote Workspace Online with other apps by applying a Single-Sign-On (SSO) scheme. You can also implement a variety of different factors for authentication across usability and assurance levels. Thinfinity® Remote Workspace Online provides complete support for some of the most popular 2FAuthentication vendors in the market.

  • Google Authenticator

  • Facebook

  • Azure

  • Dropbox

  • LinkedIn

By integrating these authentication standards, we manage to simplify the work required to manage and administer your network. SSO and 2FA are useful to prevent forgotten passwords and eliminate the hassle of having to assign permissions at a user level.

End-to-End Encryption

All connections from your end-users to your resources are fully encrypted. Thinfinity® Remote Workspace Online handles traffic through SSL encryption. The certificate is automatically generated and configured by default on the gateway to allow secured access to your enterprise network. Get rid of pesky and complex firewall configurations. Thinfinity® Remote Workspace Online eliminates the need for VPN Tunneling as well as RDP port forwarding. We managed to eliminate this by routing your connection through Web-Sockets. Thinfinity® Remote Workspace Online is designed with the strictest security policies, including governmental regulations. Supported Protocols

Thinfinity® Remote Workspace Online has a unique architecture approach to securely communicate your on-premise or cloud-based resources. Built as a native cloud-based delivery service application, it allows you to securely create and centralize connections from a cloud portal to any resource on-prem. Our reverse gateway and communication system based on web sockets gives remote users access to any desktop or application from a cloud portal independently of where you host it. We strengthened this by providing support for a variety of connection SSL protocols such as: TLS 1.2, TLS 1.3.

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