Thinfinity® Remote Workspace Online

Thinfinity® Remote Workspace Online is a cloud-based solution which grants you access to remote desktops, virtualized applications as well as intranet web applications through one unified portal.
Thinfinity® Remote Workspace Online is the most-comprehensive and secure way to manage access to your enterprise resources. With an intuitive user friendly interface, you can easily create, manage and leverage your network assets in a matter of minutes.
We have built Thinfinity® Remote Workspace Online with ease of use in mind, providing the user with a self-service portal which includes an integral set of features to fully customize and secure your connections.

All-in-One Solution

Seamlessly deliver remote access to virtual desktop and applications. Provide instant access to Mac, Linux and Windows devices. A beautifully designed web portal will allow you to easily install, configure and securely publish your resources on the web, while retaining all of the best functionalities from other services such as Thinfinity® Remote Desktop. Thinfinity® Remote Workspace Online allows you to fully centralize access to your cloud and on-premise resources, using a single browser based portal.

Centralized User Management

One of the best features available on Thinfinity® Remote Workspace Online is the ability to control users and resources from a single screen. Creating access to resources independently from their location has never been easier. Each location is called Workspace. You can have multiple Workspaces assigned to provide access to your cloud or on-premise network locations. A user can access each Workspace independently.
Keep your resources safe. With Thinfinity® Remote Workspace Online, you can manage user profiles and permissions to assign a defined set of policies for a designated user.

Completely Self Service

Thinfinity® Remote Workspace Online is purely intended to provide a Self Service experience to administrators. Manage, add or remove users at your own will. You can have complete control over your setup with no intermediaries whatsoever. Thinfinity® Remote Workspace Online is designed to provide a modular environment based on your own requirements, providing an End-to-End service. This is the ultimate out of the box solution for your remote network connections.

Type of Connections

Remote Desktops

Thinfinity® Remote Workspace Online is designed to provide instant and secured access to your terminal servers, virtual machines and workstations straight from any HTML5 compatible browser. This is achieved by utilizing a series of protocols that will in turn grant access to Windows, Linux and MacOS resources. Thinfinity® Remote Workspace Online supports the following connections protocols:
  • RDP
  • VNC
  • Telnet/SSH
  • XRPD
Thinfinity® Remote Workspace Online runs entirely from your browser and does not require Flash, Java, ActiveX, Silverlight or any other additional setup on the end-user side. It also allows users to connect to remote RDS/VDI platforms, increasing your infrastructure flexibility by adding new VM’s to your environment on demand. The IT admins can deploy a new workstation from scratch and then replicate it as many times as they need in no time.

Publish Applications

Thinfinity® Remote Workspace Online is designed for Windows application publishing. Infrastructure managers can effortlessly publish and manage a broadest range of 3rd party applications. Using Thinfinity® Remote Workspace Online intuitive user interface you can effortlessly deliver a Windows desktop application as a web App through any HTML5 web browser in just a matter of minutes.
At times, you do not need to provide a full desktop experience for your end-users. By having the ability to publish only those applications they need access to, you eliminate the risk of exposing files as well as accessing sensitive information within a network.


One of the benefits of choosing Thinfinity® Remote Workspace Online is the ability to apply a reverse proxy connection. By configuring a reverse proxy, you will be able to provide access to intranet web applications directly from the browser.
Enterprise users will be able to securely connect to any web application they use on a day to day basis as if they were sitting at their workstation. By configuring a reverse proxy connection, you can easily provide your users with a shortcut that can be accessible through Thinfinity® Remote Workspace Online portal. Users will only be able to connect to a web application without gaining access to your local network.
This reverse proxy is capable of publishing any Web Application development for all languages available in the market. Securely publish Java, Python, PHP, JavaScript web applications outside your corporate network. This feature will remove you from the hassle of having to deal with a VPN’s overcomplicated setup.
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